He is trying to control my life

I am beginning to think leaving London escorts is one of the worst things which I have done in my life. Like other girls at London escorts, I had always dreamed of meeting the right man on a date. When I finally did so, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and just went for it. We went from being a dating couple at London escorts to husband and wife in less than six months. Now I am beginning to think I made the wrong decision.

The problem is that my husband is trying to control all aspects of my life. I had not realised how much of an independent woman I had become when I worked for charlotte action escorts. Many of the things which I achieved were pretty great achievements for a young woman. At the age of 26 I had my own flat in London, and a bit of money in the bank. Sure, I realised working for charlotte action escorts was not the ideal career going forward, but it was okay. At least I had my independence.

When I married my fiancee it felt a lot like he wanted to control my life from the word go. He started to tell me how to dress, and wanted control of my own personal financial affairs. Believe it or not, he did not want me to work neither and that upset me a lot. I had enjoyed being busy at charlotte action escorts. Work has always been an important part of my life, and even though working nightshifts at charlotte action escorts was hard, it was still a job.

Now it feels like I am stuck indoors all day, and I don’t even see the other girls I worked with at charlotte action escorts. Sure, I have made some other friends, but I must admit that I have less in common with them than I do with the girls at London escorts. In many ways, I feel totally lost and I am not sure if this marriage is working for me. I still have my own flat which I could go back to but that would mean getting rid of the tenant. If I did so, I would end up without an income at all, and I am not sure if I want to go back to London escorts.

To me it seems that my husband’s personality changed after the first month of marriage. I can now appreciate why he has been through two wives and countless relationships before me. He loves the sound of his own voice and always thinks that he is right. I am getting sick and tired of it, and I am thinking about finding a little job and doing a flat share with one of my former friends from London escorts until I can get on my feet. It just feels like there are no positives at all to being in this relationship anymore, and this is not what I expected from a marriage.

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