He broke my heart!

I had been dating Terry at https://charlotteaction.org/st-albans-escorts for almost a year when he told me that he and his wife was moving to Spain. It really knocked me back as I did not even know that Terry was married. This as the first time that he had mentioned his wife to me during the time I had been seeing him at St Albans escorts, and to be honest, he did not seem like the kind of guy who was married. I am sure that I must have looked totally surprised when he told me. All I remember, was standing there with my hand on the door handle to open it for him as he was leaving.

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Was this goodbye? It very seemed to be goodbye. He looked into my eyes and I tried to read what was going on his head. His eyes normally smiled at me, but on this occasion he kind of looked sad, and was not smiling at me at all. I felt like an explosion had gone off in my head. So many thought were rushing around and I just wanted to ask him if he loved me. During my time with St Albans esorts, I had never been in love with a date before, but I was in love with Terry.

Terry knew that I had feelings for him as I always used to say things like I will miss you, and please get in touch. Unlike some of my other dates at St Albans escorts he was one of those gents who had never let me close. But at the same time, I really felt that I knew Terry and when we were together, he was one of the funniest and nicest guys that you could hope to spend time with. I can’t say that I felt like that about all of the other dates I met up with at St Albans escorts.

As he went to leave, he handed me a gift wrapped box. I looked it and I asked him what it was. It was clear that it was a parting present and that I would never see this man again in my entire life. I did not really feel good about it, but I did appreciate that it was not up to me to decide the fate of our relationship. It was up to him, and for some reason he had decided not to tell me about his wife. Most of the time I could tell if a gent is married or not, but on this occasion, my instincts had failed me.

If he was so dedicated to his wife that he was going to move to Spain, I wondered why he had been dating me at St Albans escorts in the first place. Perhaps he had been going through a rough patch in his marriage. Most gentlemen talk about that sort of thing, but it seemed that Terry had kept himself to himself. After about half an hour, I opened the box. Inside was the most beautiful necklace. I knew that Terry traveled a lot and the diamonds on the necklace were bound to be real. It felt strange, and I did not know whether to throw the necklace out of the window, keep it or sell it. At the end of my shift I took it home with me, and stuck in a drawer. I will think about what to do with that necklace when I have distant myself from Terry a little bit. After all, he broke my heart.

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