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As an escort, I know that not all of us like to play with chocolate. However, food and sex are still two factors that go hand in hand. Playing with food is fun. However, most London escorts find that playing with food is becoming increasingly challenging. Many of my London escorts clients are becoming increasingly health conscious when it comes to playing with food. A few years ago, it did not matter that chocolate spread contained sugar. These days, most London escorts like to have a healthy alternative available.

Chocolate is not really bad for you. Most London escorts think that chocolate spread is a lot of fun and keep it safely hidden away in a cupboard somewhere. That does not mean you have to resort to Nutella the moment a client says chocolate. There are other options that you can use when your client is concerned about his sugar intake. Sugar free spreads are just as delicious as many other spreads. They last just as long and spread on easily. I know many London escorts who think that they taste delicious.

On top if that, London escorts recommend using other products. Smooth peanut butters are perfectly okay and not very expensive to buy. If you like a spread on your toast or best friend, it is a good idea to opt for peanut butter. Most nut butters unless they contain added milk, are low in animal fats as well. That means that they do not affect your cholesterol levels. That is another thing that many London escorts keep in mind.

But, what if you are allergic to nuts and especially peanuts? In that case, there are other plant based butters that you can resort to. Apple butter is something that you can make yourself at home and many London escorts do. Unless you add sugar, you don’t have to worry about any health concerns. The best way to make an apple butter, is to make it in a slow cooker. Apart from apples, all you have to add is cinnamon or any other spices that you make like. Once cooked, just put the cooked apples in a blender and blend into a paste.

Would you like to try a more exotic butter? There is no reason why you should not try a much more exotic butter at home. There are many different fruits that you can use, but one of the least expensive ones, is the pineapple. Pineapple butter is slightly acidic but tastes great. If you like to have a good at making it on your day off from London escorts, it is a good idea to add some powered ginger. If you have fresh ginger, you can by all means try that. However, ground ginger often tastes better and is easier to use. Just coat the pineapple chunks in ginger and in about 8 hours, you will have a delicious tasting butter that you can use for cooking or just for fun.

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